My areas of expertise:
Psychotherapy (behavioural therapy, schema therapy)


Children, teenagers and adults

Englisch, french and german

Consultations also possible by telephone and online.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment.

+33 6 38 56 32 02



Discover and use development opportunities!

Every person can work on making their dreams, wishes and aspirations become reality, thus optimising their quality of life.

Be it misfortune, a life crises or a mental illness - anyone can easily find themselves in situations in which a new focus or a professionally guided reorientation may be necessary in order to regain stability, motivation and joy in life.

Psychotherapy and professional coaching are two effective ways to treat psychological suffering and problems, or to realise hopes and aspirations while optimising quality of life. However, it cannot always be assumed that we will recognise this path by ourselves and are able to take the first steps independently.

I actively help you to find individual solutions to your problems, worries and blockages.

Under my direction, you will learn to recognise your needs, dreams and desires, and at the same time turn them into reality.

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