To begin with, we get to know one another within the context of a confidential initial meeting, in which we discuss your concerns.
During this meeting we discuss your goals and which procedural option is the most suitable and goal-oriented for you.

This also includes advice on alternative treatment options. I will also explain my working methods.

At the beginning of our joint work, an anamnesis (medical history) can be taken.
The first step is to understand which situation in your personal history resulted in the development of the present undesirable behaviour. A behaviour that causes you distress today, but that, in the past, was the best possible behaviour to allow you to cope with a difficult life situation.

The focus of my psychotherapy is to limit behaviour that is perceived as negative, retaining only the positive aspects, to learn new, adaptive behaviour, and establish this behaviour as part of everyday life.

The decision as to what we discuss and treat always lies with you!

Analysis and understanding alone is usually not sufficient to establish desired behaviours.
Above all, it is important to practice new, adaptive behaviour that takes into account my client's goals and wishes.

At the end of the treatment, each client should be able to shape his/her life according to his/her aspirations.

The following behavioural therapeutic interventions may be used: situational analysis, behavioural experiments, negative belief processing, exposures, and positive self-instructions.
I also like to use schema therapeutic interventions such as mode analysis, chair dialogues (from Gestalt therapy and schema therapy), and guided imagery. Techniques from relaxation processes and elements from body psychotherapy may also be used.

A session lasts 50 minutes.
Depending on the problem or condition, the total duration of the therapy can vary.

Duration short-term psychotherapy: 12 to 24 sessions.
Duration long-term psychotherapy: 40 to a maximum of 80 sessions.

For coaching and counselling sessions, the duration is approximately 2 to 10 sessions, depending on the subject matter.

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