Flann Dabelstein

Psychotherapist, Psychologist

As a licensed psychotherapist, I can provide professional guidance to help you to help yourself.
The goal of my work with you is to empower you to live a fulfilling life, on your own terms.

As coach and counsellor, I am your counterpart for any personal or professional issues and have the expertise required to show you solution strategies with which to overcome problems or crises.

At the same time, I can actively help you to realise your personal aspirations.
My job is to empower you, at all times, to actively achieve your goals independently.

My experience is based on several years spent working in psychosomatic wards in hospitals (university and anthroposophic hospitals) as well as international work in the field of counselling, crisis intervention and in psychosocial institutions for children, adolescents and adults. Right from the outset, I have worked in French, English and German.

My approach

My working approach encompasses various schools of thought and procedures. My goal is to adapt psychotherapy to each of my clients' individual personalities.

My psychotherapeutic focus is on behavioural therapy, as well as schema therapy.

I always interact with clients at eye level. In an active and supportive way, I would like to professionally guide you, helping you to help yourself and to shape your life and your relationships, with yourself and your fellow human beings, according to your own aspirations and needs.

I am also available outside of scheduled sessions, should a crisis situation arise.

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